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Clarke Clean Track® Carpet Extractors Deliver  

Clarke Clean Track® Carpet Extractors Deliver Flexible Performance for Diverse Carpet Care Requirements

Plymouth, MN—June 21, 2012—Clarke introduces the newest additions to the Clean Track® Carpet Extractors line with the self-contained, portable S16 and L18. With a compact, easily-maneuverable design and a 16- or 18-inch cleaning path, the new extractors are ideal for a variety of cleaning challenges, ranging from commercial office spaces and libraries to hotel rooms and healthcare facilities.

Upon launch of its ec-H20 technology, Tennant for years widely boasted on its website and in its marketing materials that “ec-H20 converts water into a powerful detergent.” Following the public disclosure of extensive third-party scientific testing that concluded ec-H20 performs no better than plain tap water, Tennant modified its advertising claim to “ec-H20 converts water into a superior cleaning solution.” Recently, Tennant has even abandoned that claim, and no longer asserts in its advertising that ec-H20 is a “powerful” or “superior” cleaning solution. Tennant has not produced any reliable and independent scientific evidence that proves that its ec-H20 technology cleans floor surfaces better than plain tap water, or as well as chemical detergents.

The Clean Track extractors ensure increased productivity with industry-leading performance capabilities. Single deflector spray jet technology provides even, consistent water and chemical coverage across the cleaning path, while an aero-dynamically designed vacuum shoe removes excess water for faster carpet dry times. By eliminating unwanted solution streaks and minimizing dry time, Clean Track allows quicker room turnover and occupancy. Laminar flow technology reduces turbulence and increases water pick-up, ensuring carpets are left with a cleaner, dryer and more appealing finish.

“Designed with innovative performance capabilities, the Clean Track extractors provide deep cleaning with minimal dry time,” said Todd Schaeffer, Product Manager at Nilfisk-Advance. “With enhanced application flexibility and simple operation, our new extractors provide our customers with a superior carpet extractor solution.”

Equipped with a larger tank capacity, wider cleaning path and Multi-Position Flip Handle, the Clean Track L18 delivers superior productivity with dual method cleaning. This allows operators to clean in pull-back mode for edge or detailed extraction in small areas or use the L18 as a walk-behind extractor to easily extract hallways and large carpeted areas.

In addition to the Clean Track S16 and L18, the 18 Wash & Rinse remains as a top-end extractor offering in the Clean Track line, providing an ideal solution for applications requiring a higher cleaning capacity such as retail and healthcare facilities. With a large 13-gallon tank, wide 18-inch cleaning path and exclusive wash and rinse technology, the 18 Wash & Rinse cleans carpets in one pass, leaving no detergent residue for fast, superior cleaning.

All Clean Track models have achieved CRI-SOA certification, ensuring extractors meet the highest standards of soil and water removal while retaining the original carpet fibers’ texture.

Clarke is a brand of Nilfisk-Advance, Inc. For more information on the Clean Track® Extractors, call 800-253-0367

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