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Chemical Mixing System

How Does It Work? Concentrated chemical is pumped from the Chemical container on command from the machines controller to a mixing point with clean water from the solution tank. A proportioning valve regulates the mixture by command from the controller.

What Does It Do? Automatically mixes concentrated chemicals stored in an on-board container with clean water stored in the machines solution tank, and delivers the mixed solution to the brush deck for scrubbing application. Concentrate is mixed at an operator preset amount of zero to 3.5 ounces per gallon. The machine control maintains this proportion through the full range of the machines solution setting.

What Does the Operator Do? The concentrate container holds enough chemical to last for several tanks of water. The operator should simply fill the concentrate tank with the appropriate chemical at the beginning of the shift, and check to see that the concentrate knob is set to the associated color setting for the required ounces per gallon proportioning. Then fill the solution tank with clean water. No measuring or math is required.

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